Our clients include owner-developers, construction managers, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, designers and engineers.   As a result of our experience representing different parties with differing interests, we are able to anticipate the needs and obstacles that each party may encounter on a project. Our attorneys are ready to assist clients with negotiation and drafting of construction contracts, architect contracts, and owner’s rep contracts for all types of commercial and residential projects (including office, retail, industrial, NYC Local Law 11, new construction and residential renovations).

At Kane Kessler, P.C., we pride ourselves on understanding legal issues from the business point of view of our clients. This allows us to offer solutions to legal issues and keep projects moving forward while also finding ways to mitigate the risks that our clients may face during a construction project.  There is no such thing as a “standard” construction project.  At Kane Kessler, P.C., we draft, review and negotiate each contract taking into account the client’s specific project and unique circumstances.  The goal always is to develop a contract that is fair, balanced and enforceable.

In addition to representing clients in connection with construction contracts, Kane Kessler, P.C. represents owners and developers in the drafting and negotiation of access license agreements.  In many situations, underpinning or providing other forms of protections of adjoining properties is required.   Prior to and during the course of construction, access into, above and below the adjoining property owner’s property will almost always be needed for code-required protection during the construction.  At Kane Kessler, P.C., we understand the owner/developer’s need to maintain a project schedule and the adjoining property owner’s concerns regarding the safety and use and enjoyment of their property and we work with our clients to address these concerns.

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