About us

We are problem solvers, strategic thinkers, superior attorneys. We deliver above our weight. And, we do it cost-effectively with industry savvy and without bloat.

Who we are

Kane Kessler is a mid-sized, New York City-based law firm serving clients throughout the United States and globally. We provide our clients with efficient, leading-edge legal services while building the kind of long-term relationships, trust and confidence that our attorneys have cultivated since the firm was founded over 85 years ago. We devote our professional skills and experience to your needs – providing a superior level of personal attention.


Our practice areas are broad, our methods multi-disciplinary and our focus is on teamwork. We know that our parts are great but our whole is greater.


Both business leaders and individuals rely on our attorneys for guidance and strategies in the multiple areas in which we practice. Our attorneys have broad real world, industry experience that complements their specific areas of expertise, enabling them to provide clients with advice and counsel on a broad spectrum of legal imperatives.


Any lawyer can say “no” for any number of reasons. Our goal is to find a way to “yes”

With offices in New York City and attorneys licensed to practice in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia, the firm is well-situated to serve the needs of its United States and international clients through the firm’s own resources and in tandem with local counsel whom our attorneys have carefully identified through extensive working relationships as most suitable to our clients’ needs.

Over the many years that our firm has been in existence, our firm and its clients have grown substantially, but the original credos of fierce loyalty to our clients, commitment to excellence and entrepreneurship remain our core strengths.

Thomas Kane founded the firm in 1930 in Manhattan. In the late 1930’s, he welcomed Sid Kessler into the firm.

The post-World War II period was marked by a surge in commitment to business and commerce. Messrs. Kane and Kessler positioned the firm to nurture and support a spirit of entrepreneurship, focusing the firm’s attention and skills on the legal needs of small and emerging private and public businesses and their owners.